Database Development & Support

Database Staff
The Database Management Team oversees the development and integrity of TSD's database systems. These information systems manage almost every facet of TSD's complex school environment and are designed to save staff valuable time.
The database team has the following primary responsibilities: 
  • Develops, manages and administers TSD FileMaker Pro databases
  • Assures data collection, accuracy and integrity
  • Collects, verifies and submits data for REQUIRED State Reports:
    • PEIMS                                    
    • Outcome Measures
    • Early Childhood Data System
    • Civil Rights Data Collection (CRCD)
    • Fitness Gram
    • MAP Testing – Pre-Coding
  • Provides training/support for FileMaker Pro, PowerSchool, and eSped
  • Assists users in data collection and reporting layouts
The Database Team Members: