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Elementary: Kindergarten through 5th Grade

The TSD kindergarten through 5th-grade elementary program celebrates both languages, ASL and English, ensuring that our students learn and grow.   Our focus is on the whole child.  We focus on literacy development and enrichment, learning about our global community, and enriching the individual self.  

Our program uses the Texas Resource System curriculum for our K-5th-grade language arts, social studies and science classes.  The TRS is widely used in the state of Texas.  The curriculum incorporates technology, aligns with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards, and provides rigor and relevance as well as a vertical alignment throughout the grades.  For math, we use the Origo Stepping Stones curriculum.  The focus is on developing the students’ mathematical skills along with their thinking and reasoning skills.   The curriculum is aligned with the TEKS.

We have grade level teams.  Some grades have two co-teaching teams.  The co-teaching teams plan lessons together and provide differentiated instruction in all of the core classes.  The grade level teams engage in curriculum study together to ensure their instruction is aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.  For language arts and math, we use various data to determine flexible grouping based on the needs of the students.  Along with content area instruction, our teachers also provide social-emotional learning (SEL) opportunities throughout the day. The Second Step curriculum will be used for SEL learning in all classes.  With this curriculum, our students will learn important life skills such as recognizing and managing emotions, solving problems effectively and developing positive relationships.  

Our students receive Physical Education, Art, and ASL instruction weekly.  This year, we are adding enrichment at the end of the day.  This period is to allow students to experience enrichment activities related to language, fine arts and Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM).  This will also be a time when interventions are provided.

Individual students' accessibility needs are considered such as assistive technology access, modifications to the curriculum, spoken English support, and other individualized accommodations that allow access to the general curriculum.  Counseling, occupational therapy, and other related services are provided when evaluations determine such need. 


Contact Information
Barbara Hussey
Early Childhood Education/Elementary Principal
Krista Brown
Early Childhood Education/Elementary Assistant Principal
Debbie Andries
Supervisor of Applied Programming, Elementary
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Nicole Sichette
Elementary Administrative Assistant
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