Special Announcements!

Check out our Stop the Summer Slide page to learn more about some of the activities families participated in on May 8, 2018!

During our February 6, 2018 student assembly, our Student Council officers made an announcement of a change to our dress code. The Student Council made a good case, and we will now allow hair dye in Elementary. The purpose of allowing hair dye is to give students the opportunity to be who they want to be and to be able to express themselves. However, this should only occur with YOUR (parent/guardian's) permission. 
Thank you.

Check out the PDF for the cover letter and registration form for the Spelling Bee.  All forms were due to Amy Holcomb by Friday, December 1st!
Be sure to review the rules for the Spelling Bee.  Also, check out the Spelling Bee word lists.  Make sure you practice the words for your grade level!