Do your dorms provide linens?

We provide sheets, blankets, and towels.  If your child wish to bring their own sheets, towels, they are expected to bring home weekly to have them washed or use coin operated washing machine/dryer in the dorm.


What does my child need to bring?

Each student is required to bring sufficient clothes for 6 days of school (refer to the respective Residential Supervisor for specifics), shoes, a pillow, clothing hangers, and all their personal care materials, etc.  Your child may bring anything else to make room home-like feeling and comfortable such as rug, table lamp, posters, family photos, etc.


Who will watch my child at night?

Each dorm program has a minimum of one (1) Night Residential Educator working in the area overnight.  (High school dorms have 5 NREs each.) The staff is required to stay awake throughout the night making 15-minute checks on the students.  We have night supervisor who make rounds throughout the night to assist staff when and if needed.


What do you do if my child gets home sick, or I want to talk with my child?

Our dorms and cottages are equipped with video phones for student use.  If a student becomes home sick, we encourage them to contact their parents.  We will also communicate with the school principal and counselors to be aware of the students’ feelings. 


Can my child have their own snacks and where do they keep them?

Snacks are provided for our students through our cafeteria in the dorms.  It is important to note that food provided our students must meet the governments regulations for nutrition.  However, students are permitted to bring their own snacks if they so choose.  We recommend that students that bring snacks also bring a container to store their snacks.  Snacks must also be kept in the dorm pantry and not in the student’s bedroom.


Is my child allowed to bring iPad, cell phone, and/or pager?

Yes, your child may bring iPad, cell phone, and/or pager but they must follow the TSD guidelines for their use.  They can not be used in school but can be used after school up until bed time.  It is important that your child inform staff of the valuable items to be noted on student’s file.  We will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.


Will my child be allowed to go off-campus alone?

No, student may not go off-campus alone.  Elementary, Middle School, and Special Needs students are supervised by staff during any on and off campus activities.   High School students are expected to be more independent and can earn the privilege of being on and off campus activities (during specific times) in groups of three (3) of same gender.  Seniors and ACCESS students may go in a group of two (2) of same gender.  This is subject to parental approval (master permission form).


How much spending money should my child bring weekly?

The amount of spending money depends on activities/events happening during the week.  Parents will be notified of any special events involving extra spending money.  However, you may send weekly allowance for snacks at Deaf Smith Center or any other things.


ACCESS $15-$25 weekly
High School $20-$30 weekly
Middle School $10-$20 weekly
Elementary $5-$10 weekly


Who will hold my child’s money?

Student may have Trust Fund account set up at Cashier’s office.  You may send money directly to your child’s account.  You child may request for money when needed.  It would be best advised that your child not to carry large amount of money.  We will not be responsible for any of their misplaced and stolen funds. 


Is there some kind of reward system in dorm?

Yes, we have what is called Mount Bonnell Privilege system.  This program enables Elementary and Middle School students to earn privileges and rewards by demonstrating positive responsibilities as well as ownership of their behavior by following established expectations and rules. Rewards include going to bed 30 minutes after scheduled bedtime, snack bar coupon, pizza party, extra time in using video games, etc.  More information about the system will be shared once your child is admitted to TSD. 


Will my child develop responsibilities and skills in the dorm?

Yes, we do offer “learning outside classroom” using Residential Curriculum and SPICE (Social, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, and Emotional). Residential Curriculum is a group approach, providing age-appropriate educational workshops to help them prepare for the real world (i.e. Dealing with Peer Pressure, Budgeting, Cooking, etc).  SPICE is an individual approach where each student will identify age-appropriate goals to help enhance their strengths and skills.  Their primary staff will support individual in achieving their goals (i.e., tying shoes, how to tell time, learn how to fill medical forms, etc).