Middle School Dorm

Middle School Residential Program
The mission for the Middle School / Elementary students is to individual students within the diverse population here at TSD. The mission is to provide a comfortable diverse atmosphere where all students can learn, grow, and feel they belong.
  • Provide a safe nurturing home away from home,
  • Develop skills needed to boost confidence and face the next phase of their life,
  • Increase communication skills,
  • Increase knowledge about self and the challenges they will face in this stage of their life, and
  • Support education learning outside of the classroom.
Our goal is to provide a curriculum that focuses on life long lessons, skills in the areas of social, physical, cultural, and emotional needs. A SPICE curriculum will include life's lessons, activities, and ideals.  How to plan, develop, and implement the goals are set for each individual student on a yearly basis.
Core Values that drive the students as individuals when all else fails.
  • They will build on and not dependent upon,
  • Begin to understand who they are,
  • To be a part of society,
  • To help the child make sound, consistent decision,
  • Having a clear understanding of your personal values is critical to your success,
  • Build on foundations and principle of their parent,
  • What are their parent values,
  • Learn how to make a decision and be accountable,
  • Accept responsibility for their actions, and
  • Learn how to interact appropriately with their peers and others.
Clint Sadler - Middle School
Belinda Inman - Elementary School