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Homegoing Transportation serves residential students living outside of the Austin ISD appraisal district area and it's surrounding cities. This eligibility can be determined by viewing your address on www.mapquest.com.   You may be eligible if you live North of Jarrell, TX, South of San Marcos, TX, East of Columbus, TX or West of Johnson City, TX.  Please see Day Student Transportation or Transportation Department for students living in or near the Greater Austin area.

With safety as our main goal, TSD Transportation provides charter bus service to and from school to homes outside of the Greater Austin area for eligible students as well as, transportation to and from the airport, bus stations, and train stations. Our services span the (37) thirty-seven weeks of the school year. 

The Home-going Transportation Office is located near the Business Office and Cashier.  We are positioned between the Cafeteria and Auditorium. Our staff includes the Homegoing Transportation Coordinator and Chaperones for charter buses and flights. Homegoing Transportation operates primarily on Fridays and Sundays and other days as the TSD School Calendar dictates.  

Homegoing Transportation Contact Information: 

When sending urgent messages please text the coordinator at 737-228-5731

Homegoing Transportation Coordinator 
Trudy Zhang
Email: Trudy.Zhang@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: Text: 737-228-5731| VP 512-982-1773

Magdalena McKinney
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Life
Phone: 512-462-5601 | magdalena.mckinney@tsd.state.tx.us

Samara Jansen
Spanish Liaison to Hispanic Families
Phone: 512-462-5560 | samara.jansen@tsd.state.tx.us

Day Student Transportation
TSD Transportation Department
Phone: 512-462-5391 | transportation@tsd.state.tx.us



Friday, October 2th

Sunday, October 4th



BUS Schedule is appropriately 30 minutes early or late due to social distance and test student's body temperature. 


Please keep watch for bus text messages.

Thank you