High School Dorm

High School Residential Program
The mission of our High School Residential Programs is to provide each high school student with the necessary information and tools that will assist them in feeling comfortable and safe in a residential environment along with a positive educational and transitional experience through different programs being offered after school. 
Students will be orientated with high school expectations, daily schedules, and the reward system.   With full-time Day Residential Educators, students have unlimited access to the support systems. 
We offer several programs within the high school residential department.
Support Program is a program that offers extra support for our residential students who have returned or transferred from other schools.   Students will receive an orientation to ensure that students understood dorm expectations and daily schedule before transferring to the regular programs.  The length of this program varies based on the individual’s needs. 
Guidance Program offers closer supervision for students who needs more structural in their daily schedule and may require a frequent review of dorm expectations. 
Senior Independent Living Program offers more transitional experience and prepares seniors after graduation. 
We use three different approaches in the dorm which include supporting students’ positive behavior through Mount Bonnell, providing group learning through Residential Curriculum, and helping students achieve their individual goals through SPICE Curriculum. 
Mount Bonnell Privilege System, which enables students to earn privileges and rewards by demonstrating positive responsibilities as well as ownership of their behavior by following established expectations and rules.
We have a Residential Curriculum that supports the philosophy of S.P.I.C.E (Social, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, and Emotional) whereas a group of students will be provided sessions of discussions and presentations.  The monthly sessions will help guide students to better prepared for a variety of situations as well as understanding appropriate behavior in any given situation.
S.P.I.C.E. is a program that helps each student individually to achieve their personal goals.  Day Residential Educators work closely with students to help them identify their strengths as well as areas of need improvement.