Technology Services

Technology Services
The Information Technology Department provides a variety of services including:
  • Network and system support
  • User support for students, teachers, and staff
  • Software training and support
  • Support for student technology initiatives including 1:1 iPads in HS and MS.
  • Google Apps for Education
We use several different management tools to help us do our jobs in a more efficient manner. Those tools include:

Web HelpDesk: Is a customer support solution and an IT-problem tracking system. This software helps us route, track, assign and update user requests and technical problems. We also use the ‘asset management’ portion of WHD to keep track of our technology inventory and assets.

Casper Suite: Is a management tool that allows our IT staff a simple but comprehensive way to manage our Apple devices including iMac, MacBooks, iPads, iPods, and iPhones. This tool allows us to manage the distribution of applications and software to those various devices. The Casper Suite also interfaces with our Web HelpDesk software and allows us to effectively manage the tracking of our inventory.

Google Apps for Education: Provides communication and collaboration tools to our entire academic community. Students, teachers, and staff are able to share ideas quickly and get things done more effectively when they have access to the same powerful communication and sharing tools. Google Apps for Education lets our tech administrators provide our users with email, sharable online calendars, instant messaging tools and even a dedicated website to faculty and students for free.