Future Teachers (Certification)

Information for Teachers

 The State Board for Educator Certification’s (SBEC) website provides information about How to Become a Teacher in Texas and the State Exams.  When viewing this website, one should note that there are additional requirements for teachers of deaf students and ASL teachers in that they must pass the TASC or the TASC-ASL, respectively. You may also want to review the document at the bottom of the page on how and why to become a teacher. 


Teachers of deaf students are required to pass the TASC (Texas Assessment of Sign Communication).  ASL teachers are required to pass the TASC-ASL.Those teachers who are interested in becoming bilingually certified need to pass the TASC-ASL.


To become a certified teacher in Texas, a person must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and complete an educator preparation program in Texas to be considered for a Texas teaching certificate.  If you have completed an educator preparation program outside of Texas but do not have certification in that state, then you will need to 1) complete your certification from that state, 2) obtain a letter of eligibility for certification from that state and apply to SBEC for a review of credentials, OR 3) enroll in an approved Texas educator preparation program.  If you have not yet completed an educator preparation program, then you will need to enroll in an SBEC approved one and obtain eligibility for a probationary certificate.

Here are lists of educator preparation programs in Region XIII and by Certification Area. If you currently possess certification in another state but not in Texas, you will need to apply for an out-of-state review of credentials.

In addition to being a special ed certified teacher, our teachers must also have the appropriate subject competency.  For example, a secondary math teacher must either have a background in math or have passed the TExES exam in secondary math. Click here to see the TExES testing schedule. 

TSD teachers are eligible for a $1,000 annual Special Education stipend and a $2,500 annual Bilingual stipend. To be eligible, staff must pass the TExES 184 American Sign Language EC-12, TExES 164 Bilingual Education Supplemental, and TExES 073 Texas Assessment of Sign Language Communication – ASL tests. Note: you must hold the actual special education, deaf education or bilingual certificate in order to receive a stipend.