TSD scores high at RIT/NTID Math Competition!

We are so proud of our students that participated in the Math Competition this past weekend at RIT/NTID - here are the results


Pictured: Coach Dawn Kidd, Nevan Graves, Tyler Glennon, Ethan Nuñez, Jahren Ramborger, and Coach Dan Stoddard.

Team Countdown Competition [Tyler Glennon, Nevan Graves, Jahren Ramborger, Ethan Nuñez] - 2nd place!

Individual Countdown Competition - Nevan Graves - 1st Place! (2nd year in a row!)

Three TSD students scored wIthin the top ten individual scores overall (out of 95 students):  Nevan Graves - 2nd, Tyler Glennon - 3rd, and Jahren Ramborger - 9th.

Congratulations on a job well done!!