Greetings from the Heritage Center!

As usual, our museum and archives are available for tours, research, and other projects.  We would love for you to make use of our museum and our rich collections of wonderful TSD and deaf memorabilia. 

There are a few announcements I would like to make.

First, a new exhibition on Deaf Smith will be set up at the Heritage Center anytime soon. This will last until December.  Steve Baldwin, a Deaf Smith expert and author, hosted the exhibit that displayed the Deaf Smith wax figure made by Don Baer, a talented deaf sculptor, at the Austin capitol last spring to celebrate Deaf Smith’s 225th birthday.  Do come to see it.

Second, to commemorate the coming 2013 Deaflympics, several display cases will feature former Olympians from TSD beginning January 2013.  We are fortunate that since 1957, many Olympians, both students and staff, have represented TSD well and have made us very proud of their accomplishments.

Third, it will be my first time to miss this coming TSD Homecoming since 1973.  I will be out of country for a month.  The Heritage Center will stay open as usual.  Glenn Brunson is in charge of the museum. So contact him at

Speaking of the coming exhibition on Deaflympics, we’ll be very glad to take a loan or donation of your Olympics memorabilia such as photos, programs, ID cards, uniforms, etc.  Do contact me at either or  We would like to begin collecting them as early as October so we can better prepare for the exciting showing.  Also we may want to interview some of you.  We will return the items on loan to you sometime after January 2014.

We have catalogued amazing memorabilia of Ruth Seeger, Sammy Oates, Mary Jo Boer Stevens, Judy Weigand Jacobs, Nancy Mumme Carrizales, and Pam Scurlock in our archives. Many of them are already on display at the museum.

Needless to say, we should show off our former Olympians from TSD as there is a large number of participants as athletes, coaches and officers. Thanks to our former student Wayne Langbein who worked on the database on former athletes and coaches from the International Games of the Deaf, World Games of the Deaf and now Deaflympics.  With this database online, I was able to find information on when, where, which sports, and whether they got their medals. 

You can visit the Museum and Heritage Center page here.