Empowerment in Action: The Capital Connection

In partnership with Hands on Travel (HOT), the Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs of the Deaf (CEASD) presents the 9th Annual Education and Advocacy Summit and the Capital Connection.  Together, we, along with Deaf schools from other states, delve into a week-long exploration of American history and culture, forging new friendships along the way.

Through immersive experiences, we uncover the layers of the nation's capital, from iconic landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial to priceless artifacts at the National Archives. Guided by a passionate deaf tour guide, we explore the workings of democracy, learning to advocate for our rights as Deaf students.

At the world’s only Deaf university, Gallaudet University, we engage in a training session led by experienced student ambassadors, extending our understanding of the impact that the Cogswell-Macy Bill H.R. 5748 has on the rights of the deaf community in education and honing our voices for change.  The next day, we visit the Texas Congressional Legislators in their offices, feeling empowered with the ability to shape our future and share our personal stories, leaving a mark.  

This entire journey instills confidence, transforming us into effective self-advocates for ourselves and all deaf children.