TSD High School Students Make Waves on Capitol Hill

The opening days were filled with cultural exploration, guided by professional Deaf tour guides through CEASD’s Capital Connection.

Days 1 & 2: CEASD’s Capital Connection

The TSD high school students kicked off their Washington, D.C. journey with Days 1 and 2 immersed in CEASD's Capital Connection. Guided by professional Deaf tour guides, the students explored the National Portrait Gallery and the National Archives. These cultural landmarks served as living textbooks, allowing them to connect classroom teachings to the intricate threads of American history. The experience laid a strong foundation for the advocacy journey that awaited.

Day 3: Passion and Commitment Shine

As Day 3 unfolded, the TSD high school students continued to showcase their passion and commitment to advocacy during Gallaudet University's Youth Summit. Engaging with student ambassadors, alumni, and participating in training sessions on legislative advocacy, they honed their skills and deepened their understanding of the challenges and triumphs beyond high school. The stage was set for the pinnacle of their trip – the Annual Capitol Hill Advocacy Day.

Day 4: Advocacy in Action

Day 4 marked a fully packed and productive day as the students took center stage during the Annual Capitol Hill Advocacy Day. Engaging in the Capitol Hill Legislative Briefing, participating in pre-arranged meetings, and embarking on impromptu visits with Texas Congressional Legislators, the focus remained unwavering – advocating for the Cogswell Macy Act and its profound impact on Deaf education.

Fingers crossed, the students poured their hearts into discussions, sharing personal stories and emphasizing the urgency of legislative support. The day was a testament to their dedication to bettering the educational landscape for all Deaf children across the United States.

Looking Ahead: A Unified Voice for Deaf Education

As we eagerly await the outcomes of their advocacy efforts, stay tuned for more updates as #wearetsd continues to make waves on Capitol Hill and beyond. Tomorrow promises to be a day filled with impactful interactions, a united voice, and the unwavering commitment to advocating for the betterment of Deaf education across the nation.

The TSD community stands together, proud of the students who exemplify the spirit of #wearetsd in every step of their advocacy journey.