A Selected Group of TSD Students Head to Vietnam for a 15-Day Adventure!


It's the program's 10th year, and we're psyched to keep the tradition alive, giving our students a hands-on experience beyond the classroom.

Here's the lowdown:

  1. Culture Dive: Our students will soak in Vietnam's vibes, exploring its traditions, history, and everyday life. No boring textbooks here – it's all about living the lessons!

  2. Study + Fun: Beyond the cool cultural stuff, our students will hit the books with credit courses. It's a mix of learning and adventure, making education a blast.

  3. A Decade of Awesome: We're celebrating a decade of the International Studies Program. It's been a game-changer, expanding horizons and connecting us globally.

  4. Mixing It Up: The program brings students from different backgrounds together, creating friendships and understanding. It's all about sharing and learning.

To stay connected with our students throughout their 15-day adventure, follow our Instagram account: @tsd_intl_studies. You can also join the journey through our vlog/blog, which will be updated daily from March 9th to March 24th. Visit our google site.

Let's cheer on our students as they rock this 15-day trip to Vietnam with the Texas School for the Deaf's International Studies Program!