GoodNews: Texas School for the Deaf Ranger to Ranger - January 12, 2024


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Volume 8, Issue 4

Cookie Delivery to Capitol 

Six Culinary Arts students were honored with the opportunity to personally deliver holiday cookies to the Capitol as a gesture of gratitude for the support our school has received. During the visit, the students met with legislators and staff, engaging in discussions about the recent CTE renovations. These cookies mark the first creation in our expansive new kitchen!


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Stampede 20250 FTC

Despite facing challenging odds, three high school students (Freshman Phoenix, Junior Tyler, and Senior Xavier) attended the First Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics event in San Antonio, TX. Against all expectations, they defied all odds and ended up winning the FIRST robotics competition!


Leopard Classic Championship

All winter high school teams, including girls and boys basketball as well as cheerleading, proudly secured the Leopard Classic Championship! Their dedication to excellence and collaborative efforts have truly paid off, earning them this well-deserved victory! Congratulations to each team member for their hard work, determination, and commitment to success. Again, WELL DONE!


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Signing (Deaf) Santa

The kids and their families experienced the magical season of Signing (Deaf) Santa visiting at Barton Creek Square Mall! This special event created an atmosphere filled with joy and inclusivity, as Deaf Santa communicated with the kids in sign language! In addition to that, Signing (Deaf) Santa brought along helpers who engaged in activities such as crafting animal balloons, creating glitter paintings, building LEGOs, and meeting the pink princess!


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The Grinch Who Stole the Holidays

What an absolutely successful play to witness! Their hard work truly shone through, resulting in a performance that was not only captivating but also immensely entertaining! It was a joy to be part of the audience and witness the talent, creativity, and commitment displayed by the students.


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