The Lone Star, Journal of the Texas School for the Deaf

This issue:
1. Message from the Superintendent
2. Graduation 2023
3. Summer Programs
4. Family Weekend Retreat
5. Peter L. Bailey: TSD's Next Superintendent
6. Remembering Bull Creek & BDO History
7. Interview with Larry Smith
8. TSD Alumni Break Record
9. Chris Hamilton
10. Snarf's Appreciation Day
11. Turn Back Time
12. ROV & Drone Competition
13. Shafeeka Sumar's Trip to Europe
14. TSD Scores BIG After Legislative Session
15. North Carolina Schools Visit TSD
16. Claire Bugen: A Leader in Deaf Education
17. Homecoming 2023
About the Lone Star:
The Lone Star was created in 1893 under the administration of William Addison Kendall. In the beginning, it was called "The Lone Star Weekly" and became the official publication of the Texas School for the Deaf.

Today, the Lone Star publishes 4 times a year covering events related to the TSD community, you can download the electronic copy below.
If you have a story that it's important to the community, please contact us:
Editor: TSD Communications Team
Copy Editor: Keena Miller
Art Director: Fernando Muñoz
Photography: TSD staff and students