12 Days of Stress Relief From Monday, Dec. 4th to Thursday, Dec. 19th!

Y’all—it’s that time of the year again!  Our Twelve Days of Stress Relief event starts this Monday, Dec. 4th, and ends on Tuesday, Dec. 19th.  
I always look forward to this event, where we gather together to de-stress and connect through relaxing activities.  It is our hope that library users will take away these activities as tools they can use as they grow in life.  
CLICK HERE for our daily activity for each day!
Please remember to write a hall pass if you wish to send a student or two to participate at the library.  If they show up without a hall pass, the library team will have to send them back.  If a majority of your students are interested in participating, please go with them to the library.  
FYI—our MS & HS Library is open to accepting gently used items that we can use during this event - for example, any puzzles, board games and/or craft items you would like to donate would be helpful :)