GoodNews: Texas School for the Deaf Ranger to Ranger - January 9, 2020


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Signing Santa was a Smashing Success! 

Our very own Signing Santa recently visited Barton Creek Square Mall. He was accompanied by the TSD Sign Choir and elves from TSD. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed getting to chat with Santa. The Big Guy had a record number of visitors this year; 282 children brought home stockings filled with goodies.  Thank you to the North Austin Optimist Club for hosting this event.  We look forward to reuniting with Signing Santa in 2020!
Click the Image Above to See Video of Signing Santa and
Sign Choir at Barton Creek Square Mall.

The 2019 Holiday Celebrations Were a Hit!

The students had a blast at their annual holiday celebrations!  The elves in the Superintendent’s Office look forward to planning these events each year.  Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful winter break.  We can’t wait to see you back in 2020!

PIP & ECE - Catch Air (Playmazing)   ~   Elementary - Epic Fun   ~   MS - EVO Entertainment 
 ~   HS - Austin's Park & Pizza   ~   ACCESS - Main Event

Residential Open House

This year’s third annual Residential Open House was a treat for staff and students across campus.  Visitors were greeted by excited hosts who were ready to showcase their rooms and the decorations/traditions in their dorm.  The residential students served cookies and other goodies and enjoyed getting to share their after-school life with everyone who attended.  They played games and hosted a stocking decoration competition in some of the dorms.  This is an event that the TSD community looks forward to each year.  Thank you to the Student Life Division for welcoming everyone with open arms!

ACCESS Goes Camping!

Our ACCESS students went to Inks Lake State Park for a camping weekend. They went from "I wanna go home!" to "I love it here!" after surviving the first cold night! Our students learned different skills such as setting up tents, cooking, and surviving the great outdoors. Some students went hiking and were fascinated by the beautiful scenery nature had to offer. They enjoyed campfires, s'mores, and storytelling at night.  This was a great bonding experience for our ACCESS students and an opportunity for them to create new memories to have with them for the rest of their lives.

Teams of the Year

DeafDigest Sports has named the TSD volleyball team and the TSD football team as

Congratulations to our Ranger athletes!

Recognition for Student Volunteers

Austin’s Habitat for Humanity ReStore honored the partnership of Texas School for the Deaf and the support we provide through our student volunteers. The partnership was formed through the efforts of Carmen Asebedo's work in connecting our students with volunteer opportunities to help them gain work experience while also supporting local businesses. Caleb G. represented TSD at a small ceremony where they recognized our student volunteers. 
The ReStore is a discount home improvement store and center committed to increasing the community’s access to low-cost building materials and home improvement supplies.  They also divert valuable, reusable items from the landfill and support Austin Habitat for Humanity’s affordable housing programs in the five counties it serves.

Player of the Week

For the second consecutive year, a TSD student was honored by Ford Company as the Texas High School Football Player of the Week.  Congratulations to Kodi L. for receiving the recognition during the eighth week of the season.

New Teacher Mid-Year Celebration

The 2019-2020 new teachers gathered for a mid-year celebration in honor of a successful first semester.  It was a great opportunity for them to reflect on their accomplishments, play fun games, and enjoy their time together.  

Laura Christian, the new middle school math teacher, shared, "It has been absolutely amazing to join the TSD team.  I am thankful every day that I get to wake up and come work at such an amazing school with such a strong support network.  Go Rangers!”

Coding Superheroes

The Elementary Department hosted its second annual Hour of Code celebration during Computer Science Education Week.  The event, designed to give students more opportunities to develop their coding skills, was centered around the theme of Be a Coding Superhero.  

All K-5 students participated in a tech-free coding activity where there was a maze on the floor with different superhero gear.  Following the commands given by a peer, the participants picked up the right gear from the maze and ultimately got suited up as a superhero. In a different activity, elementary students had to “save the day” by utilizing their debugging skills on the iPad where they had to make adjustments to the code provided.

Additionally, K-2 students created binary code necklaces where they spelled the word HERO using colored beads representing “0” and “1”.  They also participated in a storytelling session about superheroes and then had to build a structure that would support the weight of a book.  

3rd-5th graders also used code to create a superhero with superpowers using an app called Scratch, Jr. They had fun solving different puzzles in their escape room as well. 

TSD’s Blue Chargerbots (our HS Robotics team) helped run the different stations.  Students also participated in physical coding activities in their PE class that week.  It was a huge success, proving that the Elementary Rangers are coding superheroes!

New Mural!

High School Students in our Mural Art Club painted a beautiful mural in the art room in Lewis Hall.  Thank you to these students who added a beautiful touch to this room: Leticia G., Melanie A., Dora S., Daisy M., Naeem M., Jordan L., and Adiel R. This initiative was led by Student Life staff members, Carmen Kendrick and Adam Lusk.


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