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TSD 2016-2017: High School
Mark Holcomb, Rm. 204 English Language Arts
Welcome to another exciting year at TSD! My name is Mark Holcomb and I can't wait to continue my teaching career at Texas School for the Deaf. This is my third year here at TSD, and I look forward to working hard and 'making a difference' in my students lives.

A Little Bit About Me:

I am a proud graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology-- (B.S.) Professional and Technical Communications, (M.S.) Deaf Education.  GO TIGERS!! 

As a teacher my philosophy is to teach students in a Bilingual- Bicultural approach. This means that I want students to be able to master both ASL and English. I achieve this in my classes by having students: compare both languages, learn how to communicate in different settings (professional, casual, etc), and learn vocabulary. By using what students already know in ASL, they will hopefully be able to improve their English understanding.

I also am a strong believer in Project Based Learning-- student centered projects to increase learning--  Students will be given opportunities throughout the year to act, sign, write, draw, and create various projects. These projects not only showcase the students knowledge, but allow them to express their mastery of content in a unique and fun way. 
Grading Policy: 
Projects 20%
Tests 20%
Quizzes 15%
Classwork 15%
Homework 10%
Attendance* 10%
Participation** 10% 
 *If students are late to class for an unexcused reason, the maximum grade they will receive for their daily attendance grade that day will be 5/10.
**If students do not have a pencil for class, they can borrow one from the teacher and accept 2 points OFF of their daily participation grade.

Follow us here to see what we're up to, in and out of the classroom. We'll have projects, photos, and videos of what we're learning.

Also feel free to follow me on Instagram: @MarkH_TSD
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Mark Holcomb
English Language Arts Teacher
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