At this time, TSD has suspended normal school operations
including all visitors and volunteers to the campus.

The health of our entire TSD community is one of our top priorities, and we are keeping everyone up to date on how coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting TSD and SOC.  
Please continue to submit your volunteer application online for processing, and monitor: https://www.tsd.state.tx.us/apps/pages/covid19 
for information, cancellation notifications and updates through the weeks ahead.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering at TSD

Parent and Community Volunteers – Application Instructions

Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering with the Statewide Outreach Center (SOC) and the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD).

The purpose of inviting volunteers to assist students in school is to:
  • encourage participation
  • to enhance school-based activities and academic learning
  • to increase communication and positive relationships between school, parents and community TSD welcomes parent and community volunteers!

Parent Volunteer: a parent or guardian who currently has a child enrolled in and attending TSD, or is a member of the community who continues as a volunteer after his or her child has left TSD.

Community Volunteer: any member of the community who do not have a child enrolled at TSD and who wishes to undertake, without pay, a designated task that supports the school.

To get started, please complete our:

Volunteer Application

and submit it along with the following required documents.


  • You will find these documents for download within the application, as well as, listed below.
  • Once completed and signed, you will need to create electronic documents for uploading, either by scanning or taking a photograph with a smart phone.
  • Fingerprinting is not required for volunteer applicants.
Volunteer Applicant’s Required Documents:
  1. Criminal History Authorization
    • must be signed, scanned, and submitted with your application
  2. DPS Computerized Criminal (CCH) Verification
    • must be signed, scanned, and submitted with your application
  3. A copy of the FRONT side of your state ID
    • you may scan or take a picture of your state ID and upload it to the application
      • please make sure the images are clearly legible
  4. A copy of the BACK side of your state ID
    • you may scan or take a picture of your state ID and upload it to the application
      • please make sure the images are clearly legible
Please Note:
  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Preference will be given to volunteers fluent in sign language.
  • Community volunteers must include only current references with valid email addresses.
  • References provided will be contacted by email and asked to complete and return a reference form to SOC/TSD prior to us requesting the criminal history background check.
  • Incomplete volunteer applications will not be processed.
  • If you need required volunteer or community service hours, please allow ample time for application processing and volunteer matching.
  • Only approved applicants with a clear criminal history background check will be considered.
  • Volunteer opportunities at SOC/TSD are subject to availability, and volunteer placements at SOC/TSD are neither guaranteed nor obligated.
  • Placements are filled on a first come-first served basis.
  • Prior to being assigned, approved volunteers are required to complete a brief volunteer orientation including a review of TSD’s school policies and safety training videos.
  • Applicants will be contacted to sign-up for available volunteer openings when your application has been approved.
  • Volunteer opportunities are available during Fall and Spring for regular school semesters. TSD does not offer any volunteer opportunities for summer school or summer programs.

Please contact volunteer@tsd.state.tx.us with any questions.
You may refer to TSD’s Board Policy GKG for more information on our Campus Volunteer Program.