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Student Life Division
The Student Life Division of Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) serves students from K through post-secondary ages in dorms and cottages. Our goal is to provide a safe, educational, and nurturing environment. Residential students reside on campus 5 days a week unless extracurricular activities require them to stay for weekend games and tournaments. We feel our role in providing an enjoyable yet educational setting for students to grow is one of the most important aspects of a TSD student’s experience while attending our school.  

We make an effort to provide a home-like environment for our residential students. Students are placed in age-appropriate dorms and cottages. Our Residential Curriculum is “SEL” (Social Emotional & Learning). Students from K through post-secondary years will develop target goals and will make progress in each area of the program annually. Activities related to SEL are storytelling, cooking, budgeting, organizing, clubs, off-campus excursions (supervised depending on age), movies, guest lectures, etc. We encourage each student to bring items that will make their surroundings more comfortable such as family photos, sheets, and comforters, room decorations, etc. 

The role of our staff is to teach, support, advise, encourage, discipline, comfort, and listen to our students. We provide 24-hour supervision in our dorms/cottages and take our jobs very seriously. Student well fair is our main priority and we attempt to give our best to those students that we are entrusted with. We are proud of our Student Life Division at TSD and strive to be the best for our school and students. 

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