Who We Are

SND group picture
Welcome to the Special Needs Department (SND) at the Texas School for the Deaf where students, families, teachers, administration and support staff work together to create a unique and individualized learning environment for each student.
Very often, a student with special needs has academic needs that can’t be met in a traditional classroom setting. In our department, the world becomes the student’s classroom. Lessons and skills taught in the classroom are then practiced in the surrounding community.
Students learn through experience. That’s why our students are continually exposed to “hands-on” learning. Whether it’s in the student kitchen or on an off-campus worksite, you will find your child actively engaged in learning.
Choosing the right program for your child is a difficult task. We understand the magnitude of your decision and are here to guide you through this process.
Every individual has the potential and the right to become a productive member of society. This may seem particularly challenging for a child with special needs. In SND, our goal is to help each student develop his or her life skills to their highest possible potential. To achieve this goal, families, teachers, residential and support staff must work together.
In SND we believe that “Our Strength is in Our Support of Each Other.”
Come to visit us and see how we make a difference every day.