School Safety and Security Committee Members

Robbie Barrera TDEM
Malibu Barron Coordinator of Equity and Inclusion
Claire Bugen Superintendent
Gabriel Cardenas Public Information Officer
Mark Chadwick Chief School Safety Officer
Craig DeBellis System Analyst / Information Security Officer
Stella Egbert Director of Instruction
Courtney Harrell Director of Health Services
James Helt Texas Facility Commission Maintenance / Property Manager
Mari Liles Director of Technology
Wilmonda McDevitt Director of Student Life
Katherine Murphy Social Worker
David Ocasio
Security Supervisor
Ashley O'Niell
Michael Reisen TXDPS Trooper
Shawn Saladin TSD Governing Board
David Saunders TSD Governing Board
Keith Sibley TSD Governing Board
Keri Sluyter Assistant Director of Student Life
Elizabeth Sterling Special Education Director
Tyler Warner TXDPS Trooper
Justin Wedel Chief Financial Officer
Melanie Weaver  
Matt Woerndell Texas Facilities Commission