Parent Infant Program (PIP)

PIP Team

Parent Infant Program 

The Parent Infant Program at the Texas School for the Deaf strives to nurture the development of the whole child in infants and toddlers who are deaf and hard-of-hearing with enriching activities taught through American Sign Language and English. With consistent access to communication and language, infants and toddlers have the opportunity to develop positive self-esteem, personal responsibility, world awareness, enhanced relationships with family members and peers, and pre-literacy skills.

Together with your local Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) agency, all infants and toddlers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, along with their families, may begin to receive services from TSD’s Parent Infant Program at birth.


Home Visits: Birth through 35 months

A certified teacher of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing provides home visits to the family in the family’s home or in another setting that is natural for the child. The teacher works together with the parents to provide information to the family in order to help their child grow and develop. Home services can also be provided to extended family and community members who are regular caregivers to the child such as home healthcare nurses and daycare staff. It is important to have consistency with all of the important people in the world of a young child.


Toddler Learning Center: 18 months through 35 months

For older toddlers, we offer a site-based program in our Toddler Learning Center (TLC). The program is offered Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 11:30am, although parents can choose how many days and hours their child will attend. This program focuses on experience-based learning within a group setting. As young children approach 18 months, they begin to want to socialize with other young children. The TLC provides increased access to communication, language, social, emotional, and cognitive skill development with both peers and adults.

To get more information about TSD’s Parent Infant Program, please contact:

Rachel Baker
Parent Infant Program Lead Teacher
(512) 462-5422 (voice)
(512) 626-5290 (voice/text)
(512) 410-1638 (VP)


Download the Parent-Infant Program Application for Admission below (pdf)