Vision, Mission & Core Beliefs


Our Vision

The Texas School for the Deaf aspires to be
a premier leader in bilingual education that challenges
each student to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

Texas School for the Deaf ensures students learn, grow and belong
in a language- rich environment while supporting students,
families and professionals through statewide outreach services.

Our Beliefs

Education is a responsibility shared by 
the students, family, school and community.
The development of the whole person socially, physically,
intellectually, culturally and emotionally is imperative
to a positive identity, self-worth and lifelong success.
American Sign Language and English 
are woven into the fabric of TSD life 
building healthy Deaf identities and positive self-worth.
An interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates technology 
in academically engaging learning environments 
prepares students to become critical thinkers, 
collaborators and decision makers.
Outreach Services provide resources and support to 
the state’s deaf and hard of hearing students, 
their families and the professionals that serve them.
Treating students and staff with dignity and respect 
in an inclusive community that values diverse abilities, 
needs and interests is crucial to creating a 
healthy and productive environment.