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Important Numbers

Main Office

General Questions: (V) 512-462-5353
VP: 512-569-6324

Central Administration

Superintendent – Claire Bugen

Administrative Assistant – Cynthia Foss
Email: cynthia.foss@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V) 512-462-5300

Business Office

Cashier – Colleen Drews
Email: colleen.drews@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V) 512-462-5368 / (VP) 512-256-4343

Admissions Office and Records

Email: admissions@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V) 512-462-5412, (VP) 512-782-4262
Registrar: registrar@tsd.state.tx.us

Student & Family Advocacy Services

Social Worker – Kat Murphy
Email: kat.murphy@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (VP) 512-982-1649

Social Worker - Bianca DeChristofaro
Email: bianca.dechristofaro@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (VP) 512-410-7114

Parent/Guardian Liaison to Hispanic Families - Samara Jansen
Email: samara.jansen@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V) 512-462-5560 

Parent/Guardian Liaison - Ann Meredith
Email: Ann.meredith@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (Phone/Text) 512-800-0923, (V) 512-462-5226

Student Health Services

Director - Courtney Harrell, DNP, MHS, CRNA
Email: courtney.harrell@tsd.state.tx.us
Office: 512-462-5690

Administrative Assistant – Jackson Quiroz
Email: jackson.quiroz@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: 512-462-5686
Videophone: 512-410-1024

Student Life (Residential Program)

Director - Wilmonda McDevitt
Email: wilmonda.mcdevitt@tsd.state.tx.us

Administrative Assistant – Magdalena McKinney
Email:  magdalena.mckinney@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V) 512-462-5601

Special Education Services

Special Education Director – Elizabeth Sterling
Email: Elizabeth.sterling@tsd.state.tx.us

Administrative Assistant – Dana Ortega
Email: dana.ortega@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V) 512-462-5201


Day Student Coordinator – Zorna Jackson
Email: zorna.jackson@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V) 512-462-5386 / 512-462-5391

Administrative Assistant – Sarah Stephenson
Email: sarah.stephenson@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V) 512-462-5566

Dispatcher, Tammy Reardon
Email: tammy.reardon@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: 512-462-5391

Residential Student Coordinator - Trudy Zhang
Email: trudy.zhang@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: Text: 512-228-5731| VP 512-982-1773

Statewide Outreach Center (SOC)

Director – Bobbie Beth Scoggins
Email: bobbiebeth.scoggins@tsd.state.tx.us

Administrative Assistant – Cindy Wiechman
Email: cindy.wiechman@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V) 512-462-5329 / (VP) 512-982-1646


Director – Chris Hamilton

Email: chris.hamilton@tsd.state.tx.us

Administrative Assistant – Terri Levine
Email: terri.levine@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (VP) 512-410-1073 

Director of Instruction

Director - Stella Egbert
Email: stella.egbert@tsd.state.tx.us

Executive Assistant – Karen Salvo
Email: Karen.salvo@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V) 512-462-5781

Career Technology Education

Supervisor – Megan Scarboro
Email: megan.scarboro@tsd.state.tx.us

Administrative Assistant – Naomi Soriano
Email: naomi.soriano@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V/VP) 512-410-1015

Adult Curriculum for Community, Employment, & Social Skills (ACCESS-Transition Program)

Supervisor - Beth Smiley
Email: beth.smiley@tsd.state.tx.us

Administrative Assistant – Naomi Soriano
Email: naomi.soriano@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V/VP) 512-410-1015

High School

Principal – Karl Hummel
Email: karl.hummel@tsd.state.tx.us

Administrative Assistant – Christine Carr
Email: christine.carr@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (VP) 512-410-1019

Middle School

Principal – Brian Sipek
Email – brian.sipek@tsd.state.tx.us 

Administrative Assistant – Penny Lucas
Email: penny.lucas@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V) 512-462-5491, (VP) 512-410-1017


Principal – Barbara Hussey
Email: barbara.hussey@tsd.state.tx.us

Administrative Assistant – Nicole Sichette
Email: elemoffice@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (VP) 512-410-1011; (Text) 512-699-5765

Early Learning Center

Supervisor - Rachel Baker
Email: rachel.baker@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V) 512-462-5422; (VP) 512-410-1638

Administrative Assistant – Hollie Richmer Mallett
Email: hollie.richmer@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: (V) 512-462-5251; (VP) 512-410-1193; (Text) 512-569-0402

TSD Resources
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