About Bon Padgett

Bon Padgett’s home state is Florida. Bon attended Florida School for the Deaf and Blind for 14 years. Later on, Bon returned as a senior boarding instructor for another 14 years. Bon was part of FSDB for 28 years in total. Bon then attended Gallaudet University. Bon never anticipated returning to work at another school for the deaf, however, Bon ended up at Texas School for the Deaf in 2017.

Since then, Bon has worked with high school girls and middle school students before Bon joined the ACCESS program, where Bon now works. Bon uses Bon’s residential dorm background to relate to students and share experiences with them. Bon shares Bon’s passions with the students to empower them that they can do anything if they believe in themselves and make choices that can either end in success or failure (to continue trying again). Bon’s favorite specialty is teaching ACCESS students about outdoor activities - camping, hiking, canoeing, swimming, biking, wildlife animals, and stargazing. Bon strives to make a positive experience for the students when they go camping for the first time ever.

When Bon is not at work, Bon loves to do DIY projects at Bon’s house and in the yard. Bon also loves to travel and camp around Texas’s state parks. Fun fact: Texas State Parks have 84 parks. Bon has been to 42 of these state parks in six years. Bon also spends time with Bon’s fur children by playing fetch or other games, hiking, and cuddling them.