About Dee Mills

Dee Mills, a Pennsylvanian, was mainstreamed for her entire K-12 education. In 2012, Dee graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in computer forensics. However, Dee pursued an entirely different career path by moving to Austin, TX in 2015 for a position in Student Life at Texas School for the Deaf. Dee was a day residential educator for seven years and half until she became an administrative assistant for Student Life. With her current role, Dee supports the residential dorm programs, student development, and homegoing (residential) transportation.

Dee believes in encouraging students and staff to maximize their potential with learning technology, working smart instead of hard, making everything easier for everyone, and empowering students to be more independent and self-sufficient in their daily lives. Dee is known for her technology skills in Student Life.

During Dee's free time, some of Dee's favorite hobbies include traveling, arts and crafts, photography, video games, beachcombing for shells, genealogy, and cooking.