Keri S. Clark, BEI Master; RID NIC Advanced


Keri S. Clark joined the TSD interpreting department in November of 2012. She has twenty years of professional sign language interpreting experience in a variety of settings. Keri holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University and two Masters of Science degrees from Lamar University. Her most recent Master of Science was in Deaf Education/Deaf Studies.


Keri believes the best things in life are coffee, bacon, Weimaraners, and Sphynx cats.   Recently, she consulted with Owned by a Sphynx magazine, providing statistical calculations for their article, “A Lesson in Colorpoint Restriction – A Genetic Study in Color!”


Keri resides in southwest Austin with her husband and is “Owned by” two Deaf parents, two world-renowned Sphynx cats, and three Weimaraner dogs.