Question & Answers

The following are general questions.  Feel free to send me your questions at: and if it will benefit others I'll post it.


Does TSD own, rent or buy the Charter Buses?

No, we do not rent or buy.  We have a contract with Clark Charters.  Clark and other companies bid on the contract with TSD.  The school negotiates with the company to get the services we need.  The company provides services for TSD along with hundreds of others business and organizations all over the United States and Canada.  


Who drives the buses?

Clark employees possessing professional driving credentials, background checks and what is required to work around our students and employees.


Can my child bring food and drinks on the bus?
TSD provides a light snack consisting of a packaged snack and a small bottle of water on each trip. 
Yes, a student can bring their own food but please limit it to a covered drink and enough to eat in one sitting.  Place snacks for the week under the bus in a labeled sealed bag or container.  Drinks should be no more than 16oz.  Larger bottles, bags or containers will need to go under the bus.


Can my child stand/walk/sleep on the bus?
Yes, they can stand to stretch their legs, walk to the restroom and sit in their seat belts while sleeping.  They may not stand to visit, block the isle or for a time longer than 30 seconds.  Why such a short period of time?  The time that it takes for a driver to put on breaks to avoid hitting a vehicle or to swerve could endanger the life of that child each second they are out of the seat belt.  While the restroom is available, we encourage students to go quickly as possible and return to their seats for safety reasons.  Many students like to lay across both seats to sleep with some extending their legs into the isle, thus blocking other students going to the restroom and the staff as they supervise their group.  This will not be allowed.  Students will need to keep their seat belts on at all times and adjust themselves if resting.  If there are empty seats, the staff will allow short use of them (with seat belts).      


Can my child trade seats in the bus?

Students will need to share the reason for the request.  All students are assigned to the seats by bus chaperones.  Chaperones will reassigned any students who need to be separated.  Students must remain in their assigned seat for that semester. (Changing seats affects others students on the bus.)  New assignments will be made for the second semester.    


Can my child trade buses?

No.  Students are assigned to a bus based on their home address.  A parent may request a change in buses for the following reasons:  out of the city, state or country and made other arrangements for the child's transportation, moved to a new location, emergency reasons, out of the city, state or country and made other arrangements for the child's transportation.    


Can my child ride a different bus to stay with a friend?

No. Our responsibility is to transport for educational reasons only.  The parents of both students will need to discuss and decide how to transported both days.  Friday school is out at 220p and Sunday the dorm is opened after 800p.  Communicate plans to the Dorm Supervisor for approval.      


Can a day student ride the bus?

No.  We are funding to transport residential students living outside of the Austin and surrounding area.       


Can my child trade stops locations?Yes, if the stop is connected with the same bus assigned or on the same route.       

What types of food and items are not permitted on the bus?
We do not permit nut, packaged mix nuts, m&m snacks.  Students tend to play by throwing at one another.  They get stepped on and it creates a mess for the staff and driver to clean.  If you purchase some for your child, please place under the bus.  They are not allowed inside of the cab of the bus.     


Can my child bring a refrigerator, skateboard, trunk, bike?

You may email your child's supervisor and get permission first.  Once permission is given, then forward me the email and items may be placed under the bus ONLY if there is room after luggage is placed in their sections.     

Can my child drive their car to the stop or to school?You may contact and he will guide you through this process.       

What is not allowed on or under the bus?
Anything that can easily spill, break, injury others, distract the driver, has an engine, contains or made to hold some form of flammable fluid or material that could endanger the lives of riders/driver will not be permitted.


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