Lost & Found

To inquire about lost items please send an email to the address below.  All emails will be forwarded to the Residential Supervisors to follow up:
Subject Line: Lost Item
All items found and/or returned on the bus will be returned on Friday's.  Items are given over to the Dorm Supervisors to share with their staff and students in hopes of locating an owner.  TSD Homegoing is not responsible for lost or damaged items.  It is encouraged to keep valuable items at home.  It is also encouraged to keep items in locked luggage under the bus or in the luggage compartment during travel.  Items needing to be delivered to a parent, teacher or school administrator should be given to Sadrah Black to be given to the Bus Chaperone to deliver.  A receipt page should be attached which can be found on the Forms page of this website.  Note: As of August of 2017 TSD Homegoing does not transport any currency such as cash, checks, money orders etc.  See Student Money in our Q&A section for more information on money/deposits.  Any item found on the bus by Clark Travel drivers/cleaners will be delivered the following travel day. 
Please discuss with your child the importance of keeping their hearing devices, glasses, tablets, phones, cochlear in a safe place during travel.  Any student removing their hearing devices, glasses or not wanting to hold their phone, tablets etc while in the bus are strongly encouraged to give the item to the chaperone to place in a safe area until they arrive at their destination.  Read more at 'Questions & Answers'.