About Michael Winchester

Michael Winchester is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. He was mainstreamed until 1988 when he started attending Louisiana School for the Deaf. Michael graduated from LSD in 1994 and went to Gallaudet University for Business Administration and California State University (Northridge) for Engineering.

Michael eventually made his way to Texas School for the Deaf, where he now works as the Residential Supervisor for the HS dorms. He specializes in educating others about unique interests: remodeling remote-controlled planes, helicopters, and drones, as well as classic cars.

Michael believes in teaching students the values of real life after graduation which involves instilling values such as resilience, critical thinking, adaptability, financial literacy, effective communication, empathy, and a strong work ethic. These values will contribute to their overall success and well-rounded development beyond academic knowledge. 

During Michael’s free time, he maintains his relationship with his faith, plays chess, and does workouts.