Frank Hipchen - Database Administrator

Frank Hipchen, Database Administrator
Over 25 years experience in database development and management
Employed at Texas School for the Deaf for the past 14 years
  • Began working at TSD as an Audio-Visual technician in 1998
  • During that work experience I discovered the need to have centralized staff and student information systems which I began developing.  This development led to the Human Resources and Student Information Core Databases used today.
Current Job Responsibilities at TSD Include:
  • In charge of systems design and analysis, database development and distribution
  • Provide reports on performance measures to the State of Texas
  • Develops, manages and administers TSD FileMaker Pro databases.
  • Assures data collection, accuracy and integrity.
  • Collects, verifies and submits data for REQUIRED State Reports.
My hobbies include:
  • Orchestration and Music
  • Fine Carpentry
  • Writing and Cooking