Residential ACCESS

Independent Living Skills
The purpose of providing Independent Living Skills program is to teach students how to live independently. Students will have the opportunity to learn different skills including housekeeping, food shopping, cooking, time management, and many more. Skills may be related to social/ recreational activities such as utilizing leisure time in a satisfy manner, or knowing where to find an appropriate social activities/ resources.
Interpersonal Skills: Students will understand how to get along with roommates and learn how to solve conflicts. Students will learn how to communicate appropriately with peers, staff, and co-workers.
Food Management: Students will develop menu planning skills, food shopping, and cooking technique. Students will learn how to read directions and use of measurements. Students will learn about the safety of using stove and other kitchen appliances.
Housekeeping: Good housekeeping is to maintain the cleanness for our health and the environment. Students will assume responsibilities in keeping all items in proper places and understand the use of cleaning chemicals.
Community Resources: Students will learn how to find resources in the community. Staff will provide workshops on different topics including police department, fire department, and other deaf services. 
Emergency Procedure: Students will learn how to contact appropriate people in case of emergency. Students will understand different safety tips in maintaining households.
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