About Anna Robinson

Anna Robinson was born and raised in Michigan. Anna attended a mainstream program at Lahser High School until her sophomore year when she transferred to Michigan School for the Deaf. Anna also graduated from Gallaudet University with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Mathematics. 

Anna works as a Night Residential Educator in the dorms. Anna has a high passion for instructing students. Anna excels in science, technology, crafts, and baking. In the mornings, Anna enjoys discussing trivia and popular culture with her students, encouraging them to ask questions and cultivate their inquisitive natures. Anna truly believes that a curious mind is the key to motivation and success in learning. Anna’s aim is also to equip students with the essential tools to navigate through life, making the process easier for them. By instilling values such as independence, problem-solving, responsibility, and respect, Anna can empower them to become confident and self-sufficient individuals.

During Anna’s free time, Anna’s favorite hobbies include crocheting – she loves making different things, especially adorable stuffed creatures known as amigurumi, baking and trying out new recipes for desserts, as well as playing board games with family and friends that are not as well-known. Some of Anna’s favorite board games include but are not limited to Catan, Pandemic, Euphoria, and Ark Nova.