About Trudy Carson

Trudy Carson is originally from Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from Ohio School for the Deaf. Trudy obtained a B.A. degree in Family and Child Studies from Gallaudet University, as well as an M.A. in Psychology and Thanatology (certification) from Hood College. 

With Trudy’s educational background, Trudy specializes in teaching students life skills that are crucial for their overall development. For instance, skills like communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and resilience are valuable tools that empower individuals to navigate various aspects of life successfully. Providing a well-rounded education that includes practical life skills equips them for the challenges ahead. Trudy also believes in teaching our students self-love and self-acceptance, empowering students to embrace their uniqueness and build confidence. Trudy encourages fostering an environment where everyone can be true to themselves as well as instilling a sense of curiosity, resilience, empathy, a love for learning, the ability to adapt to change, and understanding others’ perspectives for a well-rounded foundation. 

During Trudy’s free time, Trudy loves to read, do photography, and travel. Trudy has been to Greece, Italy, Kenya, Costa Rica, Holland and Norway.