Our curriculums are designed to meet each student’s learning needs.  Several areas are addressed in our programming.  For Elementary and Middle School, programming incorporates the following areas: Communication/Language, Math, Social, Recreation, Physical Education/Adapted PE, Vocational, Domestic, Community Health/Human Sexuality and Personal Conduct.  For High School, our curriculum addresses Communication for Daily Living:  Effective Communication with Non-Signers; Math for Daily Living; Economics for Daily Living; Social; Community; PE/APE/Personal Health; Career Ed; Consumer Science; Recreation; Technology. 

 Our focus is on “functional” application.  Vocabulary acquirement and reading may relate to safety signs, menus, job applications, newspapers or recipes.  Skills, such as math, may relate to budgeting, making a grocery list or having a bank account.  Consideration is always given to the life application of what a student learns and needs in order to apply it to their future use in the world outside of TSD.