Our ASHA certified Doctors of Audiology perform audiological evaluations for deaf and hard of hearing students for use in educational programming, conduct hearing aid evaluations for the purpose of selecting and fitting amplification for students and provide consultation services to staff, outside agencies, and families regarding audiological needs of the students.

Audiological Evaluations:
TSD provides audiological exams for students, staff and the community. Puretone audiometry(including visual reinforcement audiometry and play audiometry), typanometry and speech reception and discrimination services are also available. As part of our Outreach services TSD offers audiological exams at minimal expense to community agencies and other consumers.

Amplification Services for TSD Students:
TSD provides hearing aid services for our students that include hearing aid evaluations, fittings, and verification. Hearing aids may be obtained through Medicaid, parent purchase and other funding resources. These include CHAT(Children's Hearing Aids of and the Better Hearing Clinic Scholarship. Our audiologists also troubleshoot devices and send in for repair if necessary, as well as doing earmold impressions and fittings. TSD is fortunate to have a loaner hearing aid bank for our students who might need loaner or trial hearing aids on a temporary basis. Please contact your TSD audiologist if you have any questions regarding any of these services for your student. *Some services my incur a fee.
Community Resource
TSD provides audiological evaluations for children referred by Central Texas area ECI programs and school districts for a minimal fee. We are also a local training site for Doctoral graduate audiology students at the University of Texas.

List of all providers & contact info 
Cristie Jones, AuD 
Doctor of Audiology for ECE, Elementary, Special Needs
Phone: (512) 462-5215 | Send Email 
Courtney McKenzie

Doctor of Audiology Extern - MS/HS

Phone: (512) 462 - 5418 I Send Email

Susan Knox, BS
Audiology Assistant
Phone: (512) 462-5218 | Send Email