Special Needs

Special Needs Residential Program

The mission for our Special Needs Residential Program is to provide each of our students with the individual skill sets they need to become as independent as they themselves can possible become.

We aim to:
  • To promote an equal, fair, and fun educational opportunity for each of our students.
  • To assist each student to achieve their personal highest level in individual task.
  • To promote the highest level of independence in areas of Social, Physical, Intellectual, Culture, and Emotional Needs.
Serving ages 6 - 22 years we have a diverse cultural blend that provides a unique experience for our students. Our community consists of those who are elementary, middle school, and high school. Those who have graduated are considered 18+ students.

We believe that through structured activities, which includes, natural play, positive role modeling and supervised peer to peer interaction. Students are able to increase their understanding and skills naturally and comfortably. Repetition plays a large role in our program. Through the use of regularly scheduled activities, students become used to a routine and thus have more opportunity to practice each skill. The close supervision also allows students to access personal assistance when needed since our program is fully staffed with wonderful people whom are with your child during each and every activity.

We provide additional support in a way of visual contracts, aids, positive reinforcements and more to motivate your child and stimulate their eagerness to learn.

Our Self-Support Program is where specialized attention is given to those ages 18 - 22 years old.  Support in the more advanced areas of self-help skills, socialization, expressing emotions, caring for personal hygiene and grooming are addressed.

Our students enjoy regular association with other peers on campus by attending a variety of activities both on and off campus. All of their progress is monitored through the use of our SPICE program where we observe their sills in the areas of Social, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, and Emotional. Each student is allowed to work at their own pace while support is provided throughout their stay in our program.
Sharon Schira-Layton