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TSD Interpreting Internship
So you want to be an interpreter...

Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) has partnered with many college and university Interpreter Training Programs (ITPs) locally, statewide, and internationally to provide an opportunity for future interpreters to obtain internship hours and real-world experiences here on campus. Interns will be evaluated by a set of criteria established by TSD Interpreting Services. A 2-round process includes a screening by the TSD Interpreting Intern Coordinator, chosen by the TSD Director of Special Education, and a panel interview that includes a live interpreting sample to select these interns.

For the past several years, TSD has taken an active role in the preparation of future interpreters. By providing interns opportunities to observe, interpret, and discuss various situations and settings, TSD hopes to help empower these newer interpreters for a future career and provide the Deaf communities with qualified interpreters.

With this goal in mind, the Texas School for the Deaf Interpreting Internship is designed to assist future interpreters improve their knowledge-base, skills, and confidence in real-world interpreting situations. 

Keep in mind that most internship programs, including ours, are competitive processes. To ensure your application receives full consideration, we suggest you:

  • Carefully read the eligibility requirements
  • Follow the application instructions
  • Practice your skill set to prepare for the live interpreting portion


We realize how important this process is to you and your career goals. We will take great care in reviewing all applications. We wish you much luck in your success!


Lee Godbold, Interpreting Intern Coordinator

Submission Deadline
All materials must be submitted electronically on or before October 31st (Spring Internship) or April 30th (Fall Internship).

Selection Criteria - Applicants are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Current resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Voice-­‐to-­‐Sign skills
  • Sign-­‐to-­‐Voice skills
  • Letters of Recommendation


Application Preparation - Please have your resume/CV and videos of skills ready to upload when you begin the application!

  1. Application – Use the official application form or a photocopy of the form. Answer all questions to the best of your *The application form is in a fillable PDF format.
  2. Resume/Curriculum Vitae – All resumes/CVs must be typed. Please make sure to include any volunteer experience related to deafness and any additional skills.
  3. Videos of Skills – Each video should be approximately 5 – 7 minutes in length. If at all possible, the voice-to-sign video should also include the speaker in the background. Please make each video a live session. Do not practice the material repeatedly before you record
  4. Letters of Recommendation – You will need to include two (2) letters of recommendation from deaf community members, teachers/advisors, or other interpreters. At least one must be from the college/university you are currently attending. The letters must be current and may not be from a relative.
  5. Live Interview - All applicants will go through a screening process and paired down to a select group that will then go through a 2nd round live interview. This interview will include a few questions plus a screening of a "cold" interpretation.
Provide the link to the letters of recommendation form to the persons who will be writing the letters. You will find the link as you go through the application process. Allow as much time as possible to complete the recommendation.


Intern Selection

All applicants will be notified electronically of the selection by the end of November (Spring Internship) or the end of May (Fall Internship).


Please go to
to complete the application and submit all files for internship consideration.