Homework Policy

Homework should:
  • Reinforce student learning
  • Fit into a reasonable time frame
  • Provide opportunity for students to apply conceptual learning to actual practice
  • Allow students to practice time management, individual responsibility, and communication

Homework should not:
  • Be a daily fight.  If your student is struggling, please let me know.
  • Be so excessive that students do not have time to participate in extra-curricular activities or recuperate from the school day
Homework is assigned on a near daily basis, Monday - Thursday.  Very rarely, homework will be sent home over the weekend.  I know many of our students are involved in extra-curricular activities, so I try to keep homework to no more than 10-20 minutes per night.

Grading Policy
Homework is crucial to reinforcing skills learned in class.  Students who do not complete the day's homework miss valuable opportunity to practice skills in order to be ready to move ahead with the lesson the next day.  We also check homework at the beginning of class every day, so students who do not have completed homework are not ready to participate.  However, I also understand that life happens and ask that students/parents communicate with me regarding anything that may come up.

  • Homework that is not completed is graded as is.
  • Students may correct uncompleted homework with a red pen and bring their grade up to a 70. 
  • Students who communicate PRIOR to class via email or in person with valid reasons for not completing homework may have their grade adjusted accordingly.  
  • Reminder - overall, homework is only 10% of each student's overall grade.