About Alejandro Cabrera

Alejandro Cabrera is a Colombian native, having grown up in Cali. Alejandro first attended oral school at Instituto para Niños Ciegos y Sordos in Cali, Colombia. Then, Alejandro moved to New Jersey when he was eight years old. Alejandro initially did not know of deafness or sign language. Alejandro was mainstreamed at School 14 for a few months then transferred to Marie H Katzenbach School for the Deaf. Alejandro ended up graduating from Model Secondary School for the Deaf. Alejandro is currently studying for an M.A. in Bilingual/Bicultural Elementary Education from Texas State University.

Alejandro currently works as the Student Resources Specialist in the ACCESS dorm. Alejandro’s fluency in Spanish allows him to connect with students and families in various ways. He also specializes in teaching students SEL (Social Emotional Learning) skills in the dorms. Alejandro feels that a positive dorm climate and culture help students achieve more. Restorative practices support staff and students in creating this positive environment by providing opportunities for them to feel respected and reinforced.  A restorative practice is an essential learning experience. These practices involve reflection, empathy building, and dialogue to strengthen relationships with students and staff. 

During Alejandro’s free time, Alejandro enjoys traveling/exploring new areas, hiking, camping, kayaking, and dog walking.