Health Services

The TSD Student Health Services (SHS) department has two important goals:           
  1. To help our students to stay and participate in class so that they can learn.
  2. To avoid the spread of infection to other students and to staff. 
When a student comes to the Student Health Center, we assess the student.  If there is no fever or other symptoms that tell us the child is truly ill, we try to return the student to the program.  Sometimes we will observe a student for a short time and then send the student back to class.  Sometimes we give medicine to the student for their symptoms if we have parental consent on file.  We do not send a student back to class if we think the student might spread an illness.  We allow a student to return and rest if their teacher or counselor feel they cannot participate in class.
We rely on our medical training and our medical director’s advice to assess the student and decide the best treatment.  However, we also rely on your information.  Please let us know if you have noticed symptoms of illness and have started treatment.  If your child has a fever or is ill, please keep your child  at home until well.  The fever must stay down without medicine for 24 hours.  You need to inform us if your child is home with a contagious illness so we know what to watch for in the other students.
We will communicate by calling or writing you to inform  you about health or medical needs for your child that occur while your child is at school, or that need follow up at home.   
If a day student is ill and unable to attend class, we will contact you to pick up your child to be cared for at home.  Depending on the illness, the parent/ guardian of a residential student may be asked to make arrangements for the student to go home for health care.
Thank you for your help in meeting our students‘ needs.  Please call at 512-462-5690 or email me at if you have any questions.   You can refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for more Student Health Services information.


Contact information:     (512) 462-5691