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TSD’s Food Service Department is one of the busiest areas at the school! The staff prepares 3 meals a day, provides snacks for the dorms along with food for special events and students with special dietary needs.
Our school participates in the National School Lunch/Breakfast Programs run by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). All of the food served at TSD meet or exceed the strict USDA standards and comply with the Texas Department of Agriculture Nutrition Policy. (Additional information regarding the Texas Public Nutrition Policy can be found here). Our Dietician approved menu follows recipes that have lower cholesterol and healthier choices. We purchase premium ingredients for our healthy, balanced meals and our salad bar. To view the monthly menu please click here.
In 2004, the Texas Department of Agriculture implemented regulations regarding Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FNMV). These rules are part of a statewide effort to promote better lifelong eating habits and to combat the increase in childhood obesity. Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value cannot be served during the regular school day.
As any special handling of meals require planning, TSD Staff will find below forms for special orders and/or events.
After completing these forms, please bring them to the Cafeteria. Please note, we are unable to process your request during meal times.

Contact Information:
Susie Giuntoli
Food Services Asst. Manager
Phone: (512) 520-0666 VP | Send email
Annette Adams
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (512) 462-5398 | Send email