Emergency Planning

As required by Texas law, TSD will follow six components to build a safe and supportive school environment for our students, teachers, and staff:

1. promote positive school climate;
2. build a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) that address school climate, the social and emotional domain, mental and behavioral health to support wellness, learning and safety;
3. conduct behavioral threat assessments;
4. promote awareness, guidance, and training resources for school staff, students, parents, or guardians on preventing, recognizing, and responding to harmful, threatening, or violent behaviors that may pose a threat to the community, school, or to an individual person;
5. collect SSSP data to continuously improve the program; and
6. support facility safety and security, including planning and implementation of the multi-hazard emergency operations plan.
TSD takes the safety of our students, teachers, and staff seriously. In the event of an emergency, our school has two goals:
1. Keep our students, teachers, staff and visitors safe
2. Keep parents and the community informed with timely and accurate information.
Safety Steps
Here are some of the procedures we have in place to keep our students safe:
  • Evacuation, fire and lockdown drills are conducted throughout the school year. Parents and staff will be notified via email ahead of lockdown drills. Several of the emergency drills include first responders such as TXDPS so that they can become familiar with our campus.
  • TSD has an emergency response plan in connection with TXDPS, local police, fire and medical services and other responding agencies.
  • TSD has secured entryways to manage traffic and access controls and video surveillance.
  • TSD staff and teachers are trained in our emergency response procedures.
  • All visitors to TSD are checked in and screened and must wear a visitor badge at all times while on campus.
TSD communicates with parents in the following ways during an emergency:
Student-Parent Reunification Process
In the event an emergency occurs that requires students to be removed from campus, the students will be taken to an alternative safe location. The location will be contingent on law enforcement directives, type of emergency event and the ability for buses to navigate to the location. Parents will be notified of the alternate location and given instructions about picking up their child. 
Students can only be released to a parent, legal guardian, or an adult who is listed as an emergency contact on school records. Anyone attempting to pick up a student must show proper photo identification.
How Parents Can Help
Planning and communicating with family ahead of time can help prepare for an emergency.
  • Be sure your email and contact information are up to date with Admissions. 
  • Be sure to update the contact information for the people who have your permission to pick your children up from school.
  • Talk to your child about these procedures and let them know that the school has a plan to keep them safe.
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