Elementary Art

Welcome to Art Class with Ms. Mindy Moore


This is my 18th year as the Elementary Art Teacher at TSD.

I teach students from Kindergarten to 5th grade, and I think teaching art is the best job in the world!  It is very rewarding to see my students create new things and reach new heights. 

In my class, I always encourage my students to be creative, express their original ideas, and, most importantly, try their best. 

Mindy Moore
Mindy Moore
Art Teacher

These are the techniques and general concepts that I employ in my art lessons:

  • Line Drawings/Directed Line Instruction
  • Cutting and Pasting
  • Primary and Secondary Colors (painting and/or collage)
  • Free Expression
  • Introduction to Watercoloring
  • Form-based art
  • Painting
  • Creating textures
  • Drawing/Rendering with Oil pastel, Crayon or Chalk
  • Creating Art with Shapes
  • Portraits
  • Famous artists and their works