Board Briefs


Board Meeting 


April 17, 2020

The TSD Governing Board held its first virtual videoconference meeting due to the health and safety concerns of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Members present at the virtual meeting were Eric Hogue, President, Shawn Saladin, Vice President, Angie Wolf, Secretary, Sha Cowen, Christopher Moreland, Keith Sibley, and Heather Withrow. Absent: David Saunders and Dina Moore.

The TSD Governing Board President Eric Hogue led those present in the virtual meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Representatives from McKinney/York Architects updated the Board on the Central Services and Toddler Learning Center. Michelle Rossumando indicated that the construction on the new building will begin the week of April 20th through summer 2021. Buildings will be ready for the 2021-22 school year.

Superintendent Claire Bugen provided a high-level summary of events that transpired since the previous Board meeting. Because of COVID19 related concerns, superintendent travels were canceled. All scheduled events, except for graduation, have also been canceled. She explained that a committee has been formed to explore options in providing a virtual graduation ceremony for seniors. She did mention that there are some seniors who would like to postpone the ceremony for a later date.

Also discussed in the superintendent’s report was Lamar University’s master’s program moving forward, pre-recorded video for family weekend retreat, cancelation of summer programs, the established continuum of services taskforce, the state of the Board’s scholarship fund, the waiver of Board training requirements due to COVID-19, posting positions for next year teachers, freeze on staff hiring, and the school’s community planning session.

She also shared the TSD Foundation’s concerns regarding their operations as a non-profit during COVID-19, and currently exploring financial assistance, such as applying for a low-interest forgivable loan through the CARES Act. Fundraisers, such as the annual Diamond Gala and Mandy Harvey concert, were canceled.  

Bugen and staff provided an update on instructional, personnel, and business continuity in response to COVID-19. TSD’s COVID-19 website was presented. Other staff gave a summary of services provided by their departments during this unprecedented time.

Items approved by the Board include:

Minutes for the previous meeting;
  • Gifts and donations to the school;
  • Operations Report;
  • FY20 Operating Budget;
  • Emergency delegation of authority to the superintendent effective through August 15th, 2020;
  • Internal audit review of the Transportation Department;
  • The use of IMAT funds for instructional materials, technology, equipment, and technology services;
  • Terminate, approved, and re-employed certain probationary and term contracts for FY2020 – 2021;

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