STEM-focused activities led by Deaf role models

Provided by CSD Learns and RIT/NTID
Teach your students about Earth Day!
  • Day 1: The History of Earth Day
  • Day 2: What is a Carbon Footprint
  • Day 3: The Greenhouse Effect
  • Day 4: The Three R's - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
  • Day 5: Meet Our Role Models
Teacher's toolkits featuring four Deaf/HH role models involved in STEM fields.
  • Day 1: Meet Kimberly, a Programmer
  • Day 2: The Power of Coding
  • Day 3: Let's Think Like a Computer
  • Day 4: Programming Your Future
  • Day 5: Advice from Kimberly
Teacher's toolkits featuring four Deaf/HH role models and their careers.
  • Day 1: Meet Song Hoa, a Statistician
  • Day 2: All About Statistics
  • Day 3: Working As A Statistician
  • Day 4: Data and Asking Questions
  • Day 5: Advice from Song Hoa
Teach your students about drones, 3D printing, conservation, and coding with four exciting toolkits featuring Deaf/HH STEM role models.
  • Day 1: The Electronics Engineer
  • Day 2: Exploring Programming
  • Day 3: More About Programming
  • Day 4: Impact on the Environment
  • Day 5: Communication
How to gain access to Teacher's toolkits
  1. Go to

  2. Enter your first and last name and email address to get access to courses

  3. You will receive an email that will contain a weblink and a code

  4. Click the weblink in that email and register using your work email, create a password, first and last name, and zip code

  5. Once registered, you will see four courses

  6. Find the STEM Toolkits

  7. STEM Toolkits contains the ready-to-use presentations featuring Deaf/HH STEM role models in the four course listed above