CSW Participant, 
At approximately 5:30am Friday morning we experienced a loss in power as a result of an off-campus accident in the adjoining neighborhood. Unfortunately, this caused a domino effect, which blew out a fuse and knocked out one of the transformers on campus. The campus power has been restored, but Air Conditioning systems have not
Due to this we are having to make significant adjustments to the CSW schedule so that we may continue to offer this much needed training.  
We will be without AC in the dorms until Monday morning.  We are going to have to change the schedule from Sunday to Monday.  You will need to be here Monday July 30th between 12:30pm and 4:00pm for registration. The workshop will still end on Thursday at noon.  We will make sure that all classes are covered and that you have the best experience possible at TSD.  CEUs will be awarded for all sessions. 
If you have flights that put you here on Sunday, please reach out to us and we will work on accommodating your lodging for Sunday evening.  
We look forward to another successful training and providing you with as much professional development information as possible.  
This is the 30th Anniversary.  We had buildings that didn’t have AC 30 years ago, perhaps this was meant to be :-)
Apologies and appreciations, 
Wess Smith & Beth Polo
Director & Co-Director
Communication Skills Workshop