Hippos Painted by Texas School for the Deaf Kids Up for Auction

June 14, 2018 

Now on display at TSD, these hippos aren’t camera shy and welcome “selfies”. Hippos are constructed of fiberglass and measure 8’ long x 2’ wide x 1’ tall.

Hippos can be seen from South Congress Avenue lulling on the hillside of the campus at the Northwest corner of the intersection of South Congress Avenue and Nellie Street in south Austin, and online at myhippo.com/auction.

You may also catch hippos at the South Congress Hotel, at 1603 South Congress Avenue, and at 1413 South First Street, at The Tasty Spoon.

With the launch of Hippo Insurance Services in Texas, TSD students have had the unique opportunity to design and paint these hippos, and raise money for their school through an online auction: myhippo.com/auction. 

Claire Bugen, TSD Superintendent, says, “Our sincere thanks to Hippo for giving our kids the opportunity to showcase their wonderful talents.

The money raised will definitely help our school and our students.”